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Furniture Dealers

Furniture Dealers

Experienced in Office Furniture Installation, Asset Management Programs, and Move Management 

High Density Mobile Filing

The office furniture business is a complex one. It can become quite overwhelming to complete an integrated project delivery system when dealers have project delivery requirements set forth by owners, architects and more. Additionally customer quotes and orders frequently contain variations in furniture quality, comfort, color, material, pricing, and more. Combine these complex factors with managing architectural revisions to a project, customer change orders, coordination of shipping locations, and delivery, and effective project management can become costly in a hurry. In other words, we understand your business and the demands placed on you.

Staying in business for 30 years is no small feat. We have been able to create market leadership by learning and improving on each and every job we are fortunate to work on. We always strive for reaching new heights as a company, in our teams-- both in the office and the field, with the ultimate goal of providing more value to our furniture dealer clients.


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