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Warehousing Services in St. Louis

Long-Term Warehousing | Short-Term Warehousing | Receiving, Storage and Delivery for Your Asset Management Program

St. Louis WarehousingProfessional Installers, Inc., has two separate facilities providing 90,000 square feet for both long-term and short-term warehousing for your inventory and asset management programs. Our St. Louis warehousing facilities are located off major interstates to provide for fast, convenient access for both receiving of product and delivery to projects.

Directions to Our Warehouse

We receive approximately 5-10 new shipments on a normal day and require receiving paperwork from the customer (we typically have that in hand one to two weeks before the shipment arrives). Our warehouse staff coordinates with the shipping company to ensure a quick off-load and turnaround during receiving. If there is any damage it is documented on all receiving paperwork and signed for by the driver as pictures are taken. This is then reported back to the customer within 24 hours by email from our customer service department. Once received, all product is placed into a customer-specific storage lot and inventoried.

Warehouse employees are experts in the contract furniture industry. All are experienced at identification of specific brands, as well as determining which tools and hardware are necessary for disassembly/reassembly. The latter expedites the installation process ensuring all installers have the proper tools necessary when arriving at a job site. This team is responsible for ensuring the correct furniture is delivered on time and in great condition.

Whether you need a long-term warehousing solution and a partner to manage the storage and distribution of a large-scale inventory of goods on a regular basis, or a short-term solution for other demands, we offer a complete range of warehousing options available to meet your needs. 

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