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Recently we have been inundated with stories about disruptions to supply chains globally, due to COVID-19 coronavirus.  Due to huge demand for consumer products such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and dried/canned goods, distribution centers are now over capacity in many instances.  As such, direct to consumer distribution centers are already rethinking the “just-in-time” model and are beginning to overstock, leaving putting a strain on available warehouse space.  According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), this change in supply chain management will not only impact B2C businesses, but is causing B2B companies to rethink their own supply chain programs.  In the short term, many B2B warehousing companies may be called upon to help with the B2C supply chain strains. 

As companies reset and re-plan distribution methods, warehousing will become just as important for B2B businesses including office furniture, demountable walls, and ancillary products for workspaces.  This could put added pressure on warehousing options in the near term for workspace OEM’s.  If your business is rethinking its supply chain management program and warehousing needs fall into that program, please reach out to us for guidance.  To read the full WSJ making supply chain management click here.


Professional Installers, Inc., installs contract furniture for the commercial real estate, corporate relocation, move management and property management industries.  Additionally, Professional Installers, Inc., has two separate facilities providing 166,000 square feet for warehousing workspace inventory, corporate asset management and relocation programs. 

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