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Recent studies have found that 70% of employers are currently offering hybrid working options to accommodate employees.  And, while remote work has been the hot option, in-person collaboration is still necessary. As a result, offering a flexible workspace concept is a must.

What is a Flexible Workspace? 

The flexible workspace entails creating a multi-functional work area for employees to accommodate independent or collaborativeOffice Furniture Installers work. As hybrid models continue to gain popularity in offices, many employees are in and out of the office each week. However, an office must be able to accommodate a full staff if necessary, driving the need for flexible workspaces. 

Interchangeable desk layouts can be easily rearranged using a variety of furniture options for adaptability. Modular furniture is an excellent choice, as this style of furniture offers interchangeable parts to create temporary workstations or semi-permanent ones if necessary. Most solutions are prefabricated, so they can be combined with other modular pieces to expand easily. Workstations that accommodate several employees are beneficial when you have a specific department working on a project that requires increased collaboration. 

Storage needs such as filing cabinets and shelves are also considered modular. These solutions can be moved or disassembled, creating unique layouts that accommodate additional storage demands for a growing staff. 

Additionally, flexible workspaces increase productivity. Adjusting to a worker’s specific needs results in employee satisfaction. Whether employees prefer to work independently in quiet areas or collaboratively with others, a flexible workspace concept delivers positive results. 

Flexible Workspace Concepts to Try

Team Workspaces

Hybrid and remote working models give employees the flexibility to work from home and office. But workers need to be able toOffice Furniture Installation St Louis collaborate on various tasks throughout the day. Team workstations, accommodate multiple employees allowing interoffice communication while facilitating separation. A team workspace is created using modular desks or single desks combined with others to create a larger workspace. Tabletop partitions can also be installed to allow separation giving each employee space for their computers and other necessary equipment. The partitions can easily be taken down if teams need more room for project management. 

Quiet Workspaces

Open office layouts are a popular design, but the open space often creates distractions that hinder productivity. Creating quiet focus areas is best if your team prefers to work independently. This setup can be completed using office cubicles or modular walls & partitions. Wall partitions are semi-permanent solutions pre-assembled in a custom design to fit the existing architecture of an office. 

Permanent construction is often infeasible for many companies leasing or renting office space. The costs are also considerably higher than utilizing modular furniture. Based on the design chosen, partition walls are easy to install. An installation team can strategize the best method to suit your office needs. For example, floor-to-ceiling partitions, glass walls, or free-standing dividers are great options. Suppose some of your team prefer to work in an open space with colleagues. In that case, an installation team can quickly disassemble wall partitions, creating an open layout perfect for collaboration. 

Lounge Workspaces

When considering a lounge space for an office, productivity is often not a chief concern. Lounge areas are used for employees toOffice Furniture Installation Services disconnect from work and engage in conversation. But the standard office layout is changing. Employees are coming from a remote environment they have grown accustomed to for the last two years and are now alternating between working at home and back in the office. This change requires addressing employee needs in new and innovative ways.

An office move is about more than just moving and installing new office furniture.  We understand that it can be stressful on those responsible for managing the move all the way to the employees who are moving.  It can also be a time of great excitement!  Since 1984 Professional Installers, Inc. (PI) has been involved in over 80,000 furniture installations and office moves, helping ease those concerns clients naturally have.  In addition to our office space, we offer 90,000 square feet of warehousing space for short and long-term storage needs. 

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